2020 BuildMyBod Health Annual Pricing Report [infographic]

annual pricing report

BuildMyBod Health is President Trump’s answer to the issue of price transparency in healthcare! With an Executive Order and a proposal to bring price transparency to the healthcare arena, this issue is front and center.


The BuildMyBod Health platform allows consumers and employees of self-funded plans to determine their healthcare costs ahead of time since more consumers are paying out of pocket. That’s because they haven’t met their deductible for a medically necessary procedure or because the service is considered cosmetic. The prices available through the BuildMyBod database reflect either the cash rate or the negotiated rate between the healthcare provider and the insurance payor.


The most critical distinction that BuildMyBod Health brings to the world of healthcare price transparency (#PriceTransCAREncy) is completeness and lead generation. Prices include all surgeon, facility and ancillary fees associated with a procedure. Many trade organizations that provide pricing information don’t include facility, anesthesia or implant fees. These fees alone can often account for over 50% of the cost of a procedure.


And in the process of checking pricing, the consumer must enter their contact information to receive their instant itemized quote to their inbox. This provides the doctor or provider with the consumer’s information – a lead for follow up!


BuildMyBod Health also offers a Pricing Assistant for doctors and facilities to better understand how their prices fit within the competitive landscape of other healthcare providers. No claims data or nebulous ranges used in calculating consumer price quotes; only actionable data.


The 2020 BuildMyBod Health Pricing Report for Outpatient Services

Because the BuildMyBod database has so much pricing data, we break things into cosmetic and medical necessary services in a simple-to-peruse infographic (below). The consumer for their part is able to determine their out of pocket costs through the doctor’s Price Estimator.


This is nicely demonstrated by the Price Estimator found on Dr. Jason Hall’s website, of Knoxville, TN. The consumer is able to choose their procedure of interest on the Price Estimator. After creating an account, the consumer will instantly receive a breakdown of their out-of-pocket costs based on Dr. Hall’s fee schedule.


annual pricing report

The Pricing Report reviews the most common surgical and non-surgical services currently in demand. Please copy and share this infographic across your various media and social media channels and provide attribution to BuildMyBod Health. The source pricing data for all outpatient services can be found here. You can also check pricing in real-time from a doctor near you by clicking here.


About BuildMyBod Health:

BuildMyBod Health continues to leave its mark in the healthcare space by making price transparency in healthcare (Price TransCAREncy) easily accessible through advances in information technology. Consumers across the country can check pricing and purchase procedures and services straight from BuildMyBod.com, the doctor’s website, or the BuildMyBod iPhone/iPad app. The price quotes provided are doctor-specific, and include the cost of facelifts and mommy makeovers, to CT scans, spine surgery, hernia repairs and other diagnostic exams. The BuildMyBod Pricing Assistant allows providers to get real-time feedback regarding their fee schedules. Visit the website to learn more.


Click here for the original blog post written by Dr. Kaplan for BuildMyBod.


“Dr. Kaplan is a true professional. He gave me extremely helpful and direct honest advice…I strongly recommend him.”– David S.

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