Where to get the fat for your BBL!

BBLBy now you’ve heard about the Brazilian Butt Lift. Using either silicone butt implants or your own fat, you can volumize your buttocks to look like J. Lo or Kim Kardashian. Keep in mind that it’s hard to look exactly like them considering that what they have is natural and your buttocks will only be man-made!


In this post, I want to focus on using fat rather than butt implants since using your own fat is the more natural way to go and less likely to end in infection. So if you’re going to use fat, where does it come from? Well, for starters, it’s got to come from you! If you took fat from someone else, your body would reject it and no doctor is going to give you anti-rejection medication for this operation.


The fat for your BBL will come from all over your body through the process of liposuction. Your doctor can perform liposuction from the abdomen, flanks and even the lower back. Taking fat from the lower back will serve two functions. It will increase the amount of fat needed to volumize the buttocks but it will also make your waist thinner and thus make your buttocks look even bigger by comparison!


Areas that produce a lot of fat that help in volumizing the buttocks are the bra chub area (upper back), arms and especially the inner thighs. No matter how skinny you may be, the inner thighs have an out-sized amount of fat in everyone! Check out this video below for more info on the BBL.


What is a BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift)?


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