What I learned from Dr. Miami

Dr. MiamiIf you’re on Snapchat then you probably know Dr. Miami already. His plastic surgery practice in the Bal Harbour area of Miami accounts for 1-2% of all Snapchat traffic! Not sure what Snapchat is? It’s a social media outlet that allows anyone to document their day in 10-second video or photo clips. Not impressed?


What Snapchat has done is to make everyone feel like a reality star. Instead of the cameras following all of those other famous people in Hollywood, your camera phone can follow you during your day, making your mundane activities surprisingly interesting to others…sometimes! Dr. Miami has taken Snapchat to a new level. He and his office staff document their day along with their patient’s day through the pre and postop process, including the surgery they undergo.


Why visit Dr. Miami?

I went to Miami to watch and learn. Partly to watch and learn his surgical technique for Mommy Makeovers and Brazilian Butt Lifts. Of course I know how to perform these operations but there’s always room for improvement. Aside from the surgical, I also learned the ways of the force of Snapchat! It’s not 10-second clips of serious commentary on plastic surgery. Serious commentary is for YouTube, CNN and Fox News.


Snapchat, in Dr. Miami’s hands, takes the stigma and secrecy surrounding cosmetic surgery and throws it out the window. With the patient’s permission, their journey is documented and his 2 million viewers learn.


There’s no doubt patients are engaged. When I accompanied him to mark a patient’s incisions preop (with the patient’s permission), she immediately said, “hello Dr. Bae” when I walked in, referring to my Snapchat persona. The patient recognized me from Dr. Miami’s Snapchat story from the day before! Patients that feel connected to their doctor, even through digital means, tend to be excited, motivated, and most importantly, compliant patients.

walking across GGB screenshot

Dr. Miami has become a social media star. It’s nice and surprising because you have someone in pop culture that isn’t known for their athleticism or their skills within the music industry. Here’s someone with higher education that shows it can be cool to stay in school.


Check out this video clip from my “meeting” with Dr. Miami. Sure it’s silly but no one’s interested in normal.


Follow my antics @realdrbae on Snapchat and Instagram and @therealdrmiami on the same. In the meantime, if you’re considering plastic surgery, check pricing from Dr. Kaplan here.


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“Dr. Kaplan is a true professional. He gave me extremely helpful and direct honest advice…I strongly recommend him.”– David S.

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