Weight Loss Results after 4-5 months on semaglutide

weight loss after 4 months on semaglutide
Each line above represents one patient and their weight loss journey.

Results of weight loss program

The data is in! After 4-5 months of our patients on semaglutide in our weight management program, we’re still seeing amazing results. You can see average weight loss each month in the graph above.


Each month, patients increase their dosage with each injection, starting at 0.25mg then up to 0.5mg, 1mg, 1.7mg and finally maxing out at 2.4mg. We’ve had some patients that didn’t lose as much as they hoped on semaglutide that are switching to the new option we now have available – tirzepatide, the active ingredient in Mounjaro.  So we’ll present their weight loss results in the coming months.


Extreme weight loss

Remember that this is the average weight loss. We did have patients who lost a moderate amount but we also had patients losing over 15 pounds and even over 20 pounds so far! Pretty amazing and we wish everyone could see those same results.


It’s impossible to know for sure what makes one patient lose more than another but certainly diet, exercise and avoiding high carb and highly refined sugars helps. We’ll continue to track this data and publish it every month.


Where we get our semaglutide

We are getting semaglutide, the active ingredient in Ozempic and Wegovy, from a compounding pharmacy that is FDA-approved, and sources the semaglutide base (not the salt) from an FDA approved manufacturer that follows current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). These results would not be possible if the semaglutide we’re sourcing wasn’t a duplicate of the active ingredient found in the name brand drugs. And I don’t believe this large number of patients in our program would lose that much weight with diet and exercise alone in such a short period of time. So in other words, any doubts people may have about semaglutide from a compounding pharmacy should be put to rest.


Mounjaro (tirzepatide) on tap?

Yes, we now have tirzepatide, the active ingredient found in Mounjaro! While one study suggests Mounjaro leads to better weight loss than semalglutide (Ozempic, Wegovy), that one study was financially supported by Eli Lilly, the maker of Mounjaro. That study also suggests the risk of nausea is less with tirzepatide than semaglutide. We’ll continue to track this in our practice and let you know what we find now that we can compare them head to head.



For pricing on our weight management coaching program, click here (non-coaching, click here). For pricing on the medication subscription monthly fee, click here for semaglutide or here for tirzepatide. And if you’d like to schedule a consultation, you can pay for the $100 consultation fee here and it will go towards the cost of the weight management program.


Lastly, if you do lose weight and eventually decide you would like body contouring surgery, the weight management program fee will go towards the cost of surgery. To check pricing on all of our body contouring procedures, click here.


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