The Plight of the Rural Hospital [podcast]

Dr. Addison Thompson, a general surgeon in Rayville, Lousiana, and his wife, Kasey, a nurse practitioner, and their children.

We take our local or community hospital for granted. But that may not always be the case for Americans out in the country. The rural hospital could go the way of the country store due to decreasing funds from the local, state and Federal government. In this podcast, we’ll discuss the economics of a rural hospital with a general surgeon from Rayville, Louisiana…Dr. Addison Thompson.


Aside from his genuine accent, you’ll also hear his sincere concern for the community in which he serves. Due to decreasing reimbursement from state Medicaid programs, some rural hospitals may not be able to afford their rising costs. If the rural hospital ceases to exist, where will folks out in the country receive their healthcare?


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BuildMyBod Health Podcast: The Plight of the Rural Hospital with Addison Thompson MD

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Dr. Addison Thompson of Rayville, LA with his daughter at their camp.


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