The PHPS Cost Estimator

cost estimatorGone are the days of going in for a cosmetic surgery consultation and not knowing how much it will cost. Using the Pacific Heights Plastic Surgery cost estimator, you can determine Dr. Kaplan’s prices before going in for a consultation and experiencing sticker shock.


Considering that you can get estimated costs for pretty much anything online, cosmetic surgery should be no different. Luckily, with Dr. Kaplan understanding the importance of price transparency, he developed a cost estimator for other doctors and his own practice. That benefits you because now, once you submit a “wishlist” through the PHPS cost estimtor, you get instant gratification in the form of cost estimates.


Dr. Kaplan’s office gets your contact information in return so they can follow up with you and answer additional questions.


See how the PHPS Cost Estimator works


For more information, or to check out Dr. Kaplan’s pricing, click here.


“Dr. Kaplan is a true professional. He gave me extremely helpful and direct honest advice…I strongly recommend him.”– David S.

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