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Technology is a great thing. Convenience abounds everywhere. Taxi hailing apps. Couriers bringing food and other needed household items via bicycle or scooter. Everything is available at the tap of a button. And it’s not even a real button – it’s a click on a virtual button! Well now your healthcare is accessible through online purchasing as well.


Using the BuildMyBod platform, whether it’s in the app, website or integrated widget in a doctor’s own website, you can choose certain eligible services for online purchasing. While it’s not advisable to purchase “full-on” surgery online, there are certain services and products that are very amenable to online purchasing.


For example, most consumers who get Botox or fillers know what areas they like to get treated. So at the tap of a button, those non-surgical services can be purchased online and redeemed in the office. Why purchase them online if you have to go to the office anyway? It’s just like online purchasing of movie tickets – you still have to go to the movie theater to see the movie but it’s the convenience of skipping the line. A doctor’s office is similarly more convenient with online purchasing. After your treatment, you don’t have to go through the checkout process at the front desk. More importantly, everyone in the waiting room won’t hear how much you’ve spent. Oh yeah, that’s right, privacy is a big thing in healthcare!


Even more amenable to online purchasing is skin care products or home whitening kits. Purchase these online and the doctor’s office can mail them to you. How’s that for convenience!


The world may be more complicated but it’s also more accessible.


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