What we’re thankful for here at Pacific Heights Plastic Surgery

thankfulWe continue to grow at Pacific Heights Plastic Surgery. With great patients continuing to enjoy our first-in-class experience, we’re thankful for their patronage. We’re thankful for our two CoolSculpting machines that allow us to treat twice the fat in the half the time! We’re thankful for our in-office operating room so patients don’t get delayed like in a hospital operating room! We’re thankful to the AAAASF for accrediting our operating room again this year for a 3-year period!

What else are we thankful for?

We’re thankful for our team. In order of hiring, so no one is offended, we’re thankful for Karen, our nurse who has been with us for almost three years! She had a child last year and continues to work, even pumps on breaks and doesn’t let any of it affect her work. She’s been very professional throughout. BTW, her pumping has been part of skits on Snapchat so I’m not revealing anything secretive here!   Emily, our previously-trained aesthetic nurse will officially mark her two-year anniversary on December 1st this year! She’s a great asset to the team, can do everything, as all of our nurses are trained to do. More importantly, she alternates between scrub tech and circulating nurse with Karen, but we’re pretty sure you loves being scrubbed in more!   Last but not least, we have Chandler, our resident millennial. Aside from answering the phone, her primary focus is keeping us hip on Snapchat and Instagram! The silly skits you see are al a Chandler. She brings us all out of our shells to participate, as seen below:     Stick with us this year as we grow and continue to offer everything from Botox and Xeomin to fillers, CoolSculpting and surgery. You can sign up for monthly email newsletters here and follow us on Instagram and Snapchat @realdrbae.

“Dr. Kaplan is a true professional. He gave me extremely helpful and direct honest advice…I strongly recommend him.”– David S.

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