Bae Club Wrinkle Reducer Package - 20 units every 3 months
PACKAGE: Bae Club Wrinkle Reducer Package. Get 1 Botox / Xeomin injection - Forehead and Between Eyebrows every Quarter. By purchasing this Package, you agree to pay a monthly fee for a year that results in a 15% discount over the regular price (rate available after logging in). See full terms and conditions. Additional Information: Normally you would spend $300 every three months for Botox/Xeomin treatment of the 11's in between your eyebrows and forehead lines. That's $1200 per year. If you sign up for this package, you'll save 15% over the course of the year. That's right - get the same treatment you're getting right now but instead of paying the full amount at each visit, you'll end up saving 15% over the course of the year by paying a monthly rate.
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