Silicone, Saline and Structured (Ideal) Breast Implants

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You have options when it comes to breast augmentation. Now you can choose from silicone, saline or structured breast implants. Continue reading to understand the differences.


Breast implants: Know your options

Even though you may be more familiar with silicone and saline, we’ll still review these. Silicone implants are sturdier and stronger than they were in the past.


In the 1990’s there was a moratorium on silicone implants. Meaning they were taken off the market for cosmetic purposes. There was a concern that silicone implants were causing connective tissue diseases like lupus. While there are many women that swear there was a connection, there was no difference in the incidence of connective tissue diseases in women with silicone implants and those without. So despite the emotional evidence, there was no statistical evidence that this was the case.


Keep in mind that during the moratorium on silicone implants during the 90’s and early 2000’s, silicone could still be used for reconstructive purposes. Think about that. The FDA was saying silicone couldn’t be used in cosmetic cases but if you already had cancer, eh, go ahead, what’s it matter!


Lastly, the current concern regarding breast implants (silicone or saline) is specifically with textured implants. You can read more about that here.


Saline Implants and Structured (Ideal) Implants

Saline implants were not part of the connective tissue diseases discussion. And millions of women have them. They’re less commonly in use now because they don’t have the same feel as a silicone implants. Most women agree that silicone feels more natural than saline. But the Ideal structured implant has changed that notion.


The IDEAL implant has a silicone shell, and also additional silicone shells inside that give the saline implant a feel closer to a silicone implant. Even though there are multiple silicone shells, there is no silicone liquid or gel inside.


While the 5th generation silicone implants are more like gels and less likely to leak like the original silicone implants, some patients have concerns. If you still have worries about silicone gel implants, also called gummy bear implants, you have saline or Ideal implants to consider.


The risk of rupture or deflation is lowest with the structured Ideal implants compared to the other implant types.


Video comparing Silicone, Saline or Structured Ideal breast implants


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