Shaped vs Round Silicone Breast Implants

shaped vs round
Two weeks post 350cc shaped silicone implant with left areola lift to improve symmetry.

You can never explain the difference between shaped vs round silicone breast implants too many times! In fact, I created a YouTube video a couple years ago and when I watched it the other day, I realized how unnecessarily complicated I made it. So I’ve made a new one that you can see here or below.


Shaped vs Round

Shaped and round silicone implants are both gummy bear implants. I know that can be confusing but they’re both 5th generation implants that have the gummy bear moniker. The silicone in the shaped implants may be more cohesive, more gel-like, but they’re both silicone. Neither contains liquid silicone that got a bad rap in the ’90’s.

shaped vs round
Shaped and round silicone breast implants

Round implants give a fuller shape to the top of the breast. While this is not a natural look, it is the buxom look that more women request these days. The teardrop shaped implant has sloping appearance with more fullness at the bottom that gives a more natural look. More women in America are getting these now.

shaped vs round
375cc round silicone implants


Because the shaped implant is not a symmetrical shape, it’s a concern if the implant turns inside the breast. This will give a “sideways” boob. We avoid this problem by making the pocket for the implant just barely big enough to fit the implant inside but not big enough for the implant to spin. For a round implant, it’s not a problem if the implant spins because it’s round and the shape of the breast won’t change.


The round implant can go through an incision under the breast, through the areola, belly button or armpit. The shaped implant is typically only placed through an incision under the breast. Any other questions should be answered in the video below.


Shaped vs Round differences summarized in one video


To check pricing on a breast augmentation with shaped implants, click here. For breast augmentation with round implants from Dr. Kaplan, click here.


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