Shaped Breast Implants

If you’re in the market for breast augmentation, you’ve probably read about shaped breast implants by now. As opposed to round implants, shaped breast implants have more of a tear-drop shape, that makes them potentially more natural appearing.

Shaped on the left, round on the right. View from above.
shaped breast implants
Shaped on the left, round on the right. View from the side.

Often when patients come in for a breast augmentation consult, they say they want implants but, “not too big” and “I want them to look natural.” I then explain that the most natural-looking implant will be a shaped breast implant, that has more fullness at the bottom without the fullness at the top – after all, that is what a natural breast looks like. Once I explain this, they quickly correct me and say they do in fact want that fullness to the upper breast, even though that may not be natural.

After several similar consultations, it quickly dawned on me that what many patients mean when they say they want natural appearing breasts is just breasts that aren’t too big…but still have the upper breast fullness (which is referred to technically as upper “pole” fullness). To gain this upper pole fullness, a round implant is most appropriate for them. But for the patients that truly want a natural appearing breast without the upper pole fullness, a shaped breast implant is the way to go. Here are some examples of both shapes.

shaped breast implants
This patient has a great result but notice the upper “pole” fullness which is produced by a round implant. It may not be the most natural look, but by and large, that’s want most women want who are seeking breast augmentation.

breast implants

You can read more about shaped and round implants as well as the firmness of the implants herehere and here. Hope this helps.

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