Sex and Plastic Surgery: Breast Augmentation

Considering breast augmentation? Here’s another reason why this may be the right decision for you! A study released last fall reveals how women in Brazil felt as though their sex life improved after breast augmentation.

breast augmentation

There’s several theories why breast augmentation could improve your sex life. Physical reasons of course could be the renewed interest of the partner in the larger, more youthful breasts of the breast augmentation patient. But it could also be a new found self confidence in the woman’s return to her prepregnancy state or confidence brought on by larger breasts that meet society’s expectations, however warped they may be!

Regardless of the reason, breast augmentation should be undertaken only after you understand the potential risks, in addition to the potential benefits such as an improved sex life. To find a board certified plastic surgeon in your area that performs breast augmentation and to determine cost before the consultation, click here.

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