Revision liposuction – harder than you think!

Before and after liposuction. This was the patient’s second time getting liposuction to remove the extra fat on the abdomen, left behind by another surgeon.

So you’ve watched a bunch of videos online (like the one below) and you think liposuction is pretty easy. Stick the metal cannula in and pull it out, and voila the fat is gone! But it takes a bit more finesse than that to avoid contour deformities and divots by taking out too much fat. But even harder than lipo is revision lipo, i.e. doing liposuction a second time if the patient was unhappy with another doctor’s result (or your result) the first time around!


After any procedure, your body develops scar tissue and liposuction is no different. Fibrous, scarred-down tissue can make it hard to perform lipo and even harder to avoid divots in the skin. And what’s next to impossible is doing revision lipo after previous laser liposuction. Laser liposuction leads to even more scarring because the laser essentially burns the undersurface of the skin and fat to allow the fat be sucked out through a small cannula. In the process, you get 2nd degree burns under the skin! Can you believe it – burns on the inside of your skin as opposed to the outside!


Luckily the patient above didn’t have laser liposuction or any other tissue-destructive technique. Regular liposuction was performed in that first operation but unfortunately the doctor left some pockets of fat behind on the sides of the abdomen/flanks. With a second round of liposuction, this patient did well and is now very happy with the slim and trim appearance of his abdomen. Check out the video below.


Abdominal Liposuction Video


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