Radiesse for Men

RadiesseRadiesse is a calcium based filler that fills in the parentheses lines of the face and can restore facial volume that’s been lost with age. It’s a great product because it contains 50% more product that most other fillers and lasts twice as long (up to 2 years)!

It’s a robust filler that lasts a while and can fill in the most stubborn lines. In contrast to the tagline in the commercial for Secret antiperspirant, “Strong enough for a man but made for a woman,” Radiesse is strong enough for a woman but made for a man! Sort of. It’s really perfect for both sexes. And as we enter this age of cosmetic enlightenment, men don’t have to be embarrassed about cosmetic tweaks here and there.

While some wrinkles on a man may get a “pass” from society, there’s nothing wrong with maintaining a youthful appearance when possible. Whether you’re a 40-something trying to keep your tech job in a company run by a 20-something boss, or in your 50’s and don’t like what you see in the mirror, Radiesse may be perfect for you.

Radiesse for Men [Video]

This is a one of the best pharmaceutical product commercials I’ve ever seen. It’s got spunk, a classic rock soundtrack and a little humor. Hope you enjoy it.

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