Purchasing healthcare online: The next frontier



As consumers shoulder greater responsibility for a portion of their healthcare via high deductible health plans (HDHP), they’ll start to be more discerning as to what they purchase. Back when most charges were covered by insurance, there was no incentive to make intelligent purchases. With more out-of-pocket expenses, the consumer has every reason to consider what they’re buying before it’s bought!


To make better decisions, consumers will seek out the most affordable services without compromising quality. The video above is an example of what consumers have access to now and will be more prevalent in the future. They’ll be able to seek out various doctors and facilities that provide the service they need and after researching, they’ll be able to purchase that outpatient service in a manner demonstrated above.


It’s easier for a patient to know how much Botox or filler they need based on previous experience but when it comes to diagnostic services like X-rays and lab tests, they’ll need some direction from their doctor. Rather than the doctor referring them to the lab in the building, the patient will now check online for the out-of-pocket cost of that service at various local labs. Whichever facility meets their budget financially, will win their patronage with an online purchase.


Welcome to healthcare’s arrival into a market controlled by competitive forces!


Check it out for yourself here.


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