Nipple Reduction

After breast feeding or pregnancy itself, the nipples can become enlarged and stay enlarged even after the childbearing years have passed. Men sometimes find that their shirt can irritate large nipples during regular activity or exercise. Is a nipple reduction done along or in combination with other procedures? For these reasons, both men and women […]


Do you wish you had dimples? I always did growing up! Who would’ve thought that a birth defect (technically) could look so attractive? Nowadays with all the crazy things that celebrities and patients request from their plastic surgeon, I guess it should come as no surprise that you can actually have surgery to create dimples. […]


A labiaplasty is a treatment for women who have excess tissue around the vagina, referred to as the labia minora. The labia minora can become very prominent after childbirth, or in some, even before childbirth. While some may dismiss the need for a labiaplasty, this is a real issue for some patients as having an […]

Calf Augmentation

Calf implants are exactly what you think they are! Just like breast implants, calf implants are silicone-based products that are designed to enhance a patient’s calves.  Why would anyone want calf implants? Some patients are concerned with the appearance of their lower legs. Bodybuilders may use implants to enhance their look for competitions. Patients who […]

Ear Gauge or Split Earlobe Repair

When you were younger, did you get an ear gauge thinking it was cute at the time but now regret it? Has your ear split from an injury or earrings that were too heavy? Both scenarios can be repaired with a simple procedure under local anesthesia. What is the procedure like? This procedure takes less […]

Lip Implants

Lip fillers are typically made of hyaluronic acid, which is the same gel that is found in your joints. These fillers can define a patient’s Cupid’s bow and/or plumpen the lips. However, they typically require treatment every 6-12 months.  Is there a more permanent option? Yes! A surgeon can insert a silicone-based implant under local […]

Buccal Fat Removal

Feel like you never lost those baby cheeks? Chubby cheeks are often considered to be “cute” in children, but as an adult, some patients prefer a thinner, more streamlined appearance in their face. Guess what? There’s a treatment for that – buccal fat removal! What causes chubby cheeks and why are they an issue? The […]


Have some excess fat in the neck/under the chin that is bothering you? Not quite ready for a surgical procedure? Kybella might be the way to go! What is Kybella? Kybella is an injection that uses the chemical deoxycholic acid to dissolve fat.  Does it really work? According the the New York Times: “The pooled […]

Gynecomastia Correction

Excess breast tissue in males is referred to as gynecomastia. This can be “idiopathic”, meaning there may be no cause. Or it can be caused by a past history of steroid use, marijuana use or a side effect of certain anti-psychotic medications. Can gynecomastia be corrected? Of course! There are two different surgical procedures that […]

Belly Button Piercing Removal

When you’re young, some things sound like a good idea at the time. We all do things that we may regret one day, but luckily, a belly button piercing doesn’t have to be permanent and is surprisingly, quite an easy fix! For some patients, pregnancies may cause stretching of the skin that changes the shape […]

Lipoma Removal

A lipoma is a fatty mass that can occur anywhere on the body. While it is technically a tumor, it is typically a benign, non-cancerous process. This is very common and most of us probably have a few on unnoticeable ones on our bodies right now! Where does it come from? A lipoma can come […]

Benign Mass Removal

While not particularly a sexy topic, a benign mass is something that a lot of Americans experience. An example of a benign mass is a lipoma. This is a fatty mass that can occur anywhere on the body. While it is technically a tumor, it is typically a benign, non-cancerous process. Where does it come […]