Preoperative Clearance Before Cosmetic Surgery

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During a consultation for a cosmetic procedure, we ask patients about their medical history. Diabetes. High blood pressure. Medications. If they have more than one major medical illness, we require preoperative clearance from their primary doctor or cardiologist. The patients, at least lately, are taken aback and aggravated that there’s another hoop they have to jump through before getting their cosmetic surgery. My response is always the same – this is not how you want to go!


I guess I can understand how people don’t think cosmetic surgery is real surgery. It’s not medically necessary. It’s certainly not life-saving. Between TV and social media it can be somewhat trivialized, although that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be on TV and social media. Viewers just need to understand that even with “entertainment cosmetic surgery,” there are still risks.


The fact remains that cosmetic surgery is real surgery. As with any surgery, there can be anesthetic complications, which is why we always have a board-certified anesthesiologist during all of our cases that require conscious sedation or general anesthesia. There is a risk of developing blood clots in the leg – more common with a tummy tuck. This is why we place “squeezers” on the legs to keep the blood flow moving to avoid a clot. So even though we do all these things to reduce the risk for all patients, the risks are not eliminated.


If you have multiple medical problems, you probably don’t need cosmetic surgery. It’s just not worth the risk. Even if you get preoperative clearance from your primary care doctor, I still may not do your operation. Think of it this way…if you die during a heart operation, it’s obviously a shame but dying during a major heart operation is within the realm of possibility. With that same logic, do you really want to risk it all to lift your neck…or your face….or your boobs?!


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