Plastic Surgery Financing!

plastic surgery financingIn the past, plastic surgery was thought to be only for the rich. That wasn’t true then and it isn’t true now. The only difference is people now understand that plastic surgery financing is a reality. While discussing the increased accessibility to plastic surgery financing, remember that no one needs cosmetic surgery. And financially sound decisions are still important!


Plastic Surgery Financing Options

With that caveat stated, what are your options when it comes to plastic surgery financing. The three major companies available to most plastic surgery patients are CareCredit, Prosper Healthcare Lending and Alphaeon Credit.


All three are very similar and offer similar plans, such as 6-month no interest or more extended plans that can be paid over 24 to 48 months. Obviously the 6-month no interest plans have no interest as long as they’re paid within the first 6 months. But if you take longer than 6 months, the interest can go up to 26.99%!


You can find a plastic surgeon near you and the office is sure to offer at least one of these plans. They can review your options and help you apply over the phone. Even better, if you go to this site, you can check the cost of the procedures that interest you and apply for credit online! If you think about it, you need to know how much it costs first (or at least an estimate) so you know how much to apply for.


After your application is approved (fingers crossed), the financing company pays your plastic surgeon for the procedure. From the moment they’re paid, you have an agreed upon amount of time to pay back the financing company. So technically, you don’t pay any funds out of your own pocket to the doctor. The funds for the operation come from the financing company and you pay the company back.


Hope that makes sense.


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