The Mini Necklift!

neckliftIf you’re the right candidate, you can get a necklift without the big painful scars behind the ears! It all breaks down like this: depending on what’s “wrong” with your neck – excess skin, excess fat or a lax neck muscle (platysma) – will determine which procedure is best for you.


Which necklift is right for you?

If the problem is excess fat then liposuction, fat-melting injections with Kybella or freezing the fat to death with Coolsculpting may be all you need. After the fat is gone, the skin tightens on its own. If you have excess skin, then you may need the standard necklift that necessitates incisions behind the ears to remove the excess skin in conjunction with an incision under the neck (just above the Adam’s apple) to tighten the neck muscles.


But if you only have a loose neck muscle called the platysma, like the photo above, then you may be a candidate for a mini necklift that only requires the one incision above the Adam’s apple and is well hidden within the crux of your neck. Through that one incision, you can tighten the neck muscle with a procedure called a platysmaplasty as well as liposuction if necessary. Don’t believe the scar is well hidden? Then show me where the scar is in the ‘after’ photo above!


Even though it appears the patient above has a great deal of excess neck skin, that can be “redraped” through the small Adam’s apple incision while your plastic surgeon also tightens the platysma. Think of a bed sheet that’s bunched up on the mattress. When you lift the sheet in the air, it redrapes over the bed and is smooth. It’s the same sheet, no smaller and no larger, but just redraped over the underlying mattress. In the case of a mini necklift, the skin redrapes and contours to the tightened underlying muscle. No skin removal, just an improved neckline that “fits” the new inner you!


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