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Latisse is a prescription drug that prolongs the growth phase of your eyelash hairs, resulting in longer, thicker eyelashes. With regular use, you’ll see marked results. The results aren’t permanent, however; if you stop using the drug at any point, your eyelashes will eventually return to their usual appearance.

Latisse comes with sterile applicators that you use to dab the liquid on your upper lash line each night. Allergan, the manufacturer, recommends against applying the drug to your lower eyelid; luckily, the extra application is unnecessary anyway: the medication spreads to your lower lashes automatically when you blink after applying it to the upper lashes.

For full results, most people have to use Latisse daily for at least two months. Clinical studies were conducted before FDA approved the drug for sale here in the U.S., of course, and by all accounts Latisse is safe for most people. Those suffering from certain eye problems (uveitis and conjunctivitis) or severe allergies, those prone to skin infections of the upper eyelids, and pregnant and nursing women shouldn’t use the drug, but those appear to be the only populations who should avoid it.

The previous use of Latisse, under a different name, was for glaucoma. For that indication, the medication was applied to the eyeball itself. In some blue-eyed patients, that eye color permanently turned brown. However, we are not aware of any cases of Latisse causing this same problem when used for eyelash growth because it’s only applied to the lash line, not the eyeball itself. All the more reason to apply it correctly as described above and as described in the package insert.

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