How to hide your cosmetic surgery

cosmetic surgery
Ombre’ on the left, Sombre’ on the right!

A question on every cosmetic surgery patient’s mind is how to keep their secret of recent “work” from their coworkers. There’s no reason to be embarrassed if you want a nip or tuck but you don’t necessarily want everyone back at work knowing all of your business. So how do you hide the fact that you recently had plastic surgery? Before I go any further, a shout out to a patient of mine for providing me with this insight to pass along to our readers!


The best way to avoid the discussion of recent cosmetic surgery is the simple process of redirection. Your coworkers may notice a difference in how you look after surgery so give them something to focus on…other than your cosmetic surgery. For example, immediately before or after your procedure, get your hair done. That means getting bangs or coloring your hair like the images above.


Based on recent online research, I now know the difference between ombre’ and sombre’! Ombre’ is coloring the ends of your hair very, very blond whereas sombre’ is a subtler version of the ombre’. The timing of this color change is critical. You don’t want to do it too far in advance of your surgery because your coworkers will notice it too soon. Better to get it done immediately before your procedure when no one will see you or have your hair done during the recovery process after cosmetic surgery. This may actually be a nice therapy during your convalescence.


By the time you return to work, everyone will notice something different and you will say, “yes, I did my hair differently – thanks for noticing.” And that’s how you hide your cosmetic surgery!


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