guesses how old you are!

how oldThe website is all the buzz right now. By uploading a selfie or any photo of yourself, the site can guess your gender and how old you look. Interestingly, it’s not a new startup company but rather, produced by Microsoft.


This is Microsoft’s latest foray into machine learning and essentially making computers, websites and the underlying programming smarter and an example of artificial intelligence. You can read more about Microsoft’s goal in producing this type of website here.


The fact that a website like this would go viral probably says a lot about society’s focus on age, aging and appearances. Whether that’s good or bad, the only basic truth to take from this, free from moralizing, is simply, the importance of taking care of our skin!


This doesn’t just mean using skin care products to reduce wrinkles and fight skin-damaging oxidants but also to exercise, eat well and avoid sunbathing and smoking. Try out the website to see if you’re living well or not!


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