How Much Does a Facelift Cost?

As part of our series on cosmetic procedure costs, we’ve previously discussed breast augmentation, Brazilian butt lift and tummy tuck. Today we’ll discuss facelift cost in general and in my practice. First off, keep in mind that a facelift includes a neck lift so there’s no need to pay separately or additionally for a neck lift. Regardless of which legitimate practice you go to for your facelift, the costs will include the surgeon’s fee, the OR/anesthesia fees, postop garments (a face/neck snug fitting garment) and cosmetic insurance.

facelift cost There are many specials or deals you’ll see out there for what looks like a facelift “on the cheap.” Take for example, commercials for Lifestyle Lift. This is not a specific or unique technique although, they would have you believe that. Lifestyle Lift is less expensive because it’s typically done under local anesthesia and not necessarily done in an accredited operating room. So if I was to do your facelift under local anesthesia where you are totally awake and I’m doing the procedure in my exam room, not my operating room, I too could do this procedure for less! But it would definitely not be safer. Companies like Lifestyle Lift prey on consumers, assuming they won’t know any better regarding the distinctions between being awake for your surgery in a less-than-adequate operating room…but now you know better! Here’s a breakdown of the costs for a facelift under sedation/general anesthesia (you’re sleeping, not awake like with local anesthesia) in a fully accredited operating room (think safety!):

Facelift Surgeon’s Fee: $11,995
OR/Anesthesia Fees: $2880
Garments: $60
Cosmetic Insurance: $300
Total: $15,235

One important point about the pricing above. The OR/anesthesia fee is based on time. So, the longer the procedure, the more expensive. The price above is based on 4 hours. But a facelift almost never takes me 4 hours to perform. The price above is the longest it could take and therefore the most it could potentially cost. By coming in for a consultation, an exam may reveal that you’re a candidate for a mini-facelift and would only take 2 hours so your costs would be a good deal less. I overestimate how long my procedures will take so that, if anything, the actual estimate you receive in the office will be less expensive!

Prices vary across the country as you can see in this 2014 Annual Pricing Report. If you would like more pricing information for a plastic surgeon near you, check out

Hope that helped!

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