Dr. Kreymerman and his wife. Vote in this week’s poll below – is she too hot, or not, for him!

In this podcast (listen below), Dr. Peter Kreymerman, a board certified plastic surgeon is interviewed by Jonathan Kaplan, founder and CEO of BuildMyBod.com. They discuss topics ranging from Dr. Kreymerman’s immigration from Russia, training at Cleveland Clinic and his practice in North Carolina.


In particular, Drs. Kaplan and Kreymerman discuss whether it’s appropriate for patients to friend-request their doctor’s personal Facebook page or whether they should only like their practice page. Hear opinions from multiple angles in the podcast below.


Also, Dr. Kreymerman is a lucky man – he married an attractive woman that he met at Cleveland Clinic. In this week’s poll below, vote here on whether you think she’s too hot, or not, for him! See their photo above for reference!




BuildMyBod Health Podcast discusses Facebook


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