Fat injections: Not just for a Brazilian Butt Lift anymore!

Fat injections have become very popular as of late because it’s the best treatment to enhance the buttocks as in a Brazilian Butt Lift. But fat can be your friend in other ways too! In addition to plumping the buttocks, fat can be used to fill a hole a line or a crease.

Before and after fat injections to the wrinkles around the mouth

In this example above, a patient with deep wrinkles around the mouth was successfully treated with fat taken from the abdomen. While deep wrinkles can be treated with fillers such as Radiesse, Juvederm and Belotero, some patients prefer a more natural correction of their wrinkles.

The benefit of using the fillers mentioned above is that they can be “off the shelf” and treated in the office at the time of consultation. Fat injections require a more formal surgical procedure, albeit minimally invasive. Even with that drawback, fat injections can give a natural more youthful look since you’re essentially replacing that actual tissue that was lost – fat.

While I understand patients not wanting to resort to surgery with fat injections, it does make sense to receive fat injections if the patient is already under anesthesia for another procedure such as a facelift.

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