CoolSculpting after Surgery: SurgiSculpting™

Suction head for CoolSculpting

For those of you not familiar with CoolSculpting, it’s an FDA cleared treatment for non-surgical fat reduction. The machine has suction heads as seen in the photo to the right that you can place on your love handles, lower/upper abdomen, bra fat, and inner/outer thighs. The suction head sucks skin into the cup and cools the fat until the fat dies. This reduces fat in the area and over the course of 3 weeks to 3 months, you can see improvement in the contours of the body. It really works!

coolsculptingThe treatment takes one full hour. If you only have one machine then you have to treat one love handle and then over the 2nd hour, you treat the opposite love handle. Doctors that have 2 CoolSculpting machines can provide a service called DualSculpting where each machine is connected to the love handles and both areas can be treated in the same hour. Since treatment takes at least one hour, the recovery room, after surgery, is the best time to do it!

Consider when you are most immobilized and relaxed – that’s in the recovery room. So come in, schedule your surgical procedure and while you’re in the recovery room, make use of that downtime and freeze some fat!

And if you’re wondering, I call dibs on the name SurgiSculpting™!

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