International Medical Tourism: Death isn’t your biggest concern! [video]

There is no shortage of horror stories when it comes to medical tourism – traveling outside of the country for your medical care. Headlines abound of patient deaths from fat embolism, hypovolemic shock or overwhelming infections. And while death is obviously the worst complication, it’s not the main risk. Poor quality and cut rate procedures […]

Medical tourism is now domestic tourism

Medical tourism had or still has a bad reputation depending on who you ask. Going far from home for less expensive medical services could end in disaster. Well, for better or worse, consumers are still traveling, but closer to home. And that’s domestic tourism.   Is domestic tourism safer? Whether domestic tourism is safer than […]

How soon can I travel after surgery?

There seems to be a few misconceptions regarding travel after surgery. We’d like to clear that up. In general, if you’re feeling well, travel after surgery is fine. Here are some things to keep in mind though.   Travel after surgery: is it safe? One of the more curious questions I get is whether it’s […]

Medications to pack when traveling abroad

When traveling abroad, you need to be prepared for almost any eventuality, not least of all, illness or minor malady.  Consider the fact that if you need a prescription, even for something minor, you would have to go to an emergency room to get it. You can’t expect your hotel to have an in-house doctor like […]