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price transparencyIt’s here…the definitive white paper on price transparency in healthcare! Before you fall asleep, check out this article in the Annals of Plastic Surgery. As the article explains, with BuildMyBod Health, you can take control of your out-of-pocket healthcare costs and your doctor is incentivized to help you determine cost ahead of time too. The article uses lead generation data of patients from Dr. Kaplan’s practice, Pacific Heights Plastic Surgery.


BuildMyBod Health and Annals of Plastic Surgery

BuildMyBod Health’s technology combines price transparency and lead generation and is detailed in this month’s issue of Annals of Plastic Surgery, a peer-reviewed journal. Not a plastic surgeon?! That’s fine…the subject matter is applicable to all healthcare professionals that offer services that may be paid out-of-pocket due to a high-deductible health plan or because it is considered cosmetic. Regardless of your specialty or facility, you can still gain useful insights from this peer-reviewed article.


For the consumer, BuildMyBod Health allows you to check pricing on out-of-pocket costs that you’ll be spending on outpatient services before you hit your deductible. So in a way, BuildMyBod Health is your health insurance guide before your insurance kicks in. Chances are you’ll have to pay $5000 to $6000 out-of-pocket so you might as well find the most affordable options out there.


Click here to see how BuildMyBod works and click here to download the white paper and learn how BuildMyBod Health can transform how consumers determine cost ahead of time and how doctors can help navigate patients through the complex healthcare system.


Are you a physician? To learn more or request a free account to upload your prices to our doctor-provided pricing database, click here. For the consumer, you can check Dr. Kaplan’s pricing here.


Click here for the original blog post written by Dr. Jonathan Kaplan for BuildMyBod.


“Dr. Kaplan is a true professional. He gave me extremely helpful and direct honest advice…I strongly recommend him.”– David S.

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