Botox, is it really preventative?

The three major brands of botulinum toxin in the US

As discussed in this article in Harper’s BAZAAR, should you start using Botox when you’re young to prevent wrinkles? Multiple opinions abound so why not add my own!


First off, Botox, including competitors like Xeomin and Dysport are approved over age 18. (Oh, and if you’re wondering about the different types of botulinum toxin, you can read more here). So while pretty much anyone can use it, who should, and does it really help prevent wrinkles.


I don’t think a person is awful if they want to treat a wrinkle in between their eyebrows and they’re in their 20’s. Sure Botox may not be for everyone and it’s easy to be judgmental about the age in which you get Botox, but really, focus on yourself. Let someone else’s mother worry about their child! And chances are, you’re not that great anyway and probably have something you’re self-conscious about that we could all be a bit judgmental about.


Sorry, got distracted. Anyway, starting Botox when you’re young will certainly hide your wrinkles longer but it does’t prevent wrinkles from occurring. Based on clinical knowledge, as your skin thins, the overactive muscles in between the eyebrows or on the forehead will cause wrinkles to be more evident because of the thinner skin. If you use Botox consistently, it stands to reason that those wrinkles will be more hidden but there’s no evidence to suggest that Botox at age 25 will keep wrinkles away longer than if you never used Botox. Those wrinkles will show up eventually no matter what.


So while using Botox early will hide your inevitable wrinkles, they’re still there, just waiting to appear when you stop using Botox!


Hope that helps.


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