Blepharoplasty and SurgiSculpting™

I recently had a patient come into our in-office OR for an upper eyelid lift (blepharoplasty) with fat injections to the hollows under the eyes and along the cheekbones. The procedure was performed under sedation, not general anesthesia. This means that the patient was given medication via her IV and drifted off to sleep. Her surgery did not require general anesthesia or a machine to breath for the patient. She breathed on her own throughout the procedure and doesn’t remember a thing! Very uneventful thanks to our in-office OR staff and board-certified anesthesiologist.

Upper lid lift (blepharoplasty)

After her procedure, she was transferred to the recovery room where she continued to do well. Once she was awake and comfortable, we helped her to the CoolSculpting room down the hall in our office. The patient had decided during her initial consultation that she wanted non-surgical fat reduction of her “saddle bags” and inner thighs along with her upper eyelid lift and fat injections. On the day of her consultation, she underwent CoolSculpting, also known as cryolipolysis, to non-surgically remove fat from her inner thighs. Fast forward to the day of her surgery and she was ready to complete her treatment with CoolSculpting to her outer thighs.

To get your bearings, the patient’s head is off camera to the left and her feet are off camera to the right. The CoolSmooth applicator for the “saddle bags” is sitting on her right thigh.

The patient was stable and ready to go home, but like any patient after anesthesia, she was still sleepy. So what better time to lay still and get rid of your outer thigh fat than when you’re dozing off after surgery?! Your options are to go home and lay in bed or stay at the doctor’s office and remove those stubborn bulges of fat while waking up!

That’s why our patient decided to undergo SurgiSculpting™ – to make the most of her time and get rid of her outer thigh fat while recovering from eyelid surgery. It might seem odd to have a procedure after your procedure but with new technology, we’re becoming more efficient, even at cosmetic surgery!

One extra bonus: the treatment to the outer thighs (saddle bags) requires two hours of CoolSculpting PER THIGH for a full treatment…that means a total of four hours of treatment… unless you have two CoolSculpting machines! Luckily for her, she was receiving her surgical and non-surgical services from a practice that not only had its own in-office operating room but also two CoolSculpting machines so that her total treatment to both thighs took two hours rather than four!

Would you consider SurgiSculpting™ – non-surgical fat reduction while recovering from an unrelated cosmetic procedure at your plastic surgeon’s office?

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